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Things to do in Port Douglas

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Australia is one of the most pleasant countries to visit as it has so much scenic beauty to offer. Port Douglas is a charming bay surrounded by greenery and freshwater bodies. If you are a nature-lover, you will genuinely enjoy each moment you spend there. Here are the things to do in Port Douglas:

Nautilus Aviation

Nautilus Aviation is a great place to be if you enjoy spending quality time with your loved ones on a private island. The white sand in between breathtaking water bodies will make you immerse in the beauty of this place. It is perfect for a small picnic and having gourmet food as the salty breeze engulfs you. On the other hand, sunsets are beautiful on the island. It is an exceptional destination for some water activities such as snorkellin.

Hot Air Balloon

If you want to have an exotic experience in Port Douglas, you will not regret being on the hot air balloon. The Port Douglas Hot Air Balloon ride is exceptional as you get to see the world’s oldest forest from a great height. The beauty of the experience is amplified if you book it for the early morning. The sunrise from up above is extremely breathtaking. You will never forget the exotic hot air balloon experience ever in your life.

Daintree Ecolodge

Daintree Ecolodge is a luxury spa that is worth visiting in Port Douglas. You get a great chance to relax and refresh your mind. The spa does not only offer great treatments, but it also is a sight for sore eyes. It is located in the middle of the forest, which makes the atmosphere fresher and more peaceful. The techniques used in the spa are derived from ancient methods for optimal relaxation and to improve your well-being. On the other hand, the spa specializes in the healing of spirits.

Great Barrier Reef drive

If you want to explore the local activities of Port Douglas, gambling is one of them. is one of the online gambling sites people use on the go. Great Barrier Reef drive is one that you can enjoy on days when you do not want to perform strenuous activities. You can drive around the local area, sit by the amazing roadside spots, gamble, and relax. The salty air and the cool breeze will help you slow down and appreciate nature.

Australia is genuinely one of the best places to visit for vacation. Port Douglas is a sight to the sore eyes and perfect for nature lovers. It is surrounded by landscapes, trees, forests, seas, and coral water bodies. You can have a great time relaxing and admiring the beauty even if you do not have much budget to spare.


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Things to do in Port Douglas

Australia is one of the most pleasant countries to visit as it has so much scenic beauty to offer. Port Douglas is a charming bay surrounded by gr...

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