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6 Smart Tactics to Improve Your Employer Branding

  • Written by Chloe Taylor

Employer brand is a curious thing. It exists regardless of whether you’ve created a strategy behind it or not. There is a certain reputation you hold with job seekers, employees and key stakeholders, which can be a result of a carefully planned and executed strategy or simply the image you’ve created without putting much thought to it. Logically, it’s always much better to think about such issues, which is why we recommend creating a strategy to boost your employer brand and executing it in the most efficient way. Only then can you truly reap all the potential benefits of having a reputable employer brand. To help you create such a strategy or revisit your existing one, we’ve prepared the following list of elements that you should implement in such a strategy.

Analyze the current state

Before you roll up your sleeves and introduce new measures, you need to find out how others perceive you as an employer. You can’t make improvements without knowing what the problems are. Start by checking out employer review sites and find out your current rankings. If there are any reviews of your company, make sure you respond to them. That will show that you care and appreciate each feedback. Also, you should talk to current employees and find out what they like and dislike about working for you. This will give you a great insight into how things stand.

Core values and mission statement

It may seem trivial to many, but your company’s core values and mission statement should be clearly articulated. Not only do you need them, but you should also occasionally revisit and rewrite them, as the situation changes. It’s vital that the mission statement and core values reflect the current company culture and vision for your business and brand. The best way to create the values and mission, you might want to bring together a group of seasoned employees who have been with your company for a while. You could ask them to write down the core elements that make up your company and focus on identifying commonalities. This will help you articulate your company’s core values and mission statement.

Investing in your company culture

No matter how much you invest in boosting your brand, if you have a bad organizational culture, it will surely reflect poorly on your employer brand and affect all aspects of your business. That is why building a strong company culture is of utmost importance. Once you’ve done that, it’s going to be much easier to maintain your team’s satisfaction and, consequently, employer brand. Test out new company culture ideas to boost the experience for your team and attract candidates to apply. Needless to say, the better the company culture, the easier it is to create outstanding employer branding content.

Perks and benefits

Job seekers today look for more than just a decent salary. They are also interested and motivated by the perks and benefits potential employers offer, as many recent studies in Australia have shown. One of the perks prospective employees are interested in is insurance and access to legal advisors, such as these expert superannuation lawyers from Brisbane. Other perks, probably less surprising, include the number of days off, flexible working hours and opportunities for promotion and professional development. Naturally, a company offering such perks is highly rated as an employer.

Incorporating new generations

While it’s completely understandable that you want to rely on more experienced workforce, you should think about how new employees are selected and introduced to the company. After all, they are those who will in time become your most reliable workers and who are most likely to adapt to any changes you plan to implement. A lot has been said and written about Gen Z in the workplace and you really need to understand how they think and what their expectations regarding a workplace are. Only then can you help them unleash their huge potential to benefit your company.

Social media presence and recruiting

No serious company can afford to neglect the power of social media when it comes to improving your employer brand. You need to regularly publish content that speaks to both clients and potential employees. Having a stellar social media presence helps you build trust among job seekers and encourage them to pursue employment. You should post live updates on happenings in the office and team outings, which will show the fun side of your team and the unique individual personalities that make up your culture. All job seekers today spend hours analyzing a company’s social media presence to get a better understanding of the company culture and the day-to-day life of their future colleagues.

Creating an employer brand is at the same time extremely important and tricky. You want to attract great employees, but they need to be attracted to much more than the financial package you offer. At the same time, you need to be honest about your company culture, because if the image you present to the public is different from the one your current employees have, it’s only a matter of time before new recruits start leaving you in utter disappointment. This could, in turn, lead to them creating an extremely negative image of your company, which can seriously damage your whole business. That’s why you need to be true to yourself and work hard towards creating a great, well-founded employer brand.


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