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Top merch, top club: why every footy team needs quality equipment

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AFL is a legendary sport that involves a lot of sporting ability. Sure, much of the game is fitness-orientated, as players need the strength and stamina to contest the ball across four gruelling quarters. But they also need the ball skills to complete the game’s objective: putting it through the big sticks to win the game!

As such, it is imperative for clubs of all levels to have top quality equipment to ensure their game is at top capacity. From the best Sherrins to rebounders, targets and training discs, here are a few reasons why every club needs the best gear in the business:


  1. It improves the team’s overall skills


The very best AFL official merchandise will help take your team to the next level. There are so many pieces of equipment that are essential to creating a comprehensive playing side, with everything from quality footies to the blocking pad helping to create comprehensive players and, consequently, a comprehensive side!

Footy is a game that incorporates many abilities and skills, from agility to hand-eye coordination, kicking ability to marking, and there are various pieces of equipment that can help you with each of these skills (and the innumerable others, too!).

Sure, you could just rely on a few footies and an oval for training, but if you really want your club to see new heights of success, you need the very best gear to ensure this happens with ease!


  1. It makes training more enjoyable


Because what player doesn’t want to test their mettle out on the blocking pad? What’s more, even senior players enjoy battling it out in an end-of-training handball comp. There are so many pieces of equipment that make training a far more enjoyable experience. And what could be better for team confidence and morale than to enjoy their training sessions.

We’ve all played for teams where training felt like a real winter night chore - surely we don’t want our players to experience that, too? It’s really not that much fun, and defeats the purpose of joining a local club in the first place! So, if you and club management have been looking for ways to amplify the fun at Wednesday night training - investing in some fun and skill-improving sports gear will be perfect for ramping up those otherwise tiresome training sessions.


  1. It allows for dynamic training sessions


Your training sessions become severely limited when you have limited gear. You find that the only way you can run the session is having the players working on similar match aspects at the same time. But with comprehensive gear, you can run dynamic training sessions that allow the players to train within their positions and work on important skills at the same time.

At one point you could have your forwards working on pack contests whilst having the defensive squad working on their defensive shepherding and the midfielders work on their quick handpasses. This will all come together to create a more comprehensive unit who have had the time to develop the most imperative skills to their game, and they will appreciate the time put in to refining these important aspects, too!


  1. It makes for a more cohesive unit


When you have a well-rounded team you have a cohesive team who can really take it to the opposition. The last thing you want is a disjointed team who can’t move the ball from back to front - this will really show on gameday! The most important thing is producing a cohesive, robust unit who can move the ball with sublime ease - the right sport equipment will help the squad get there!




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Top merch, top club: why every footy team needs quality equipment

AFL is a legendary sport that involves a lot of sporting ability. Sure, much of the game is fitness-orientated, as players need the strength and s...

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