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PyroAg Wood Vinegar

Neil Schiller, 69, founder of Coastal Organics Moonta, is on a mission  - a tomato mission!

Neil prides himself in growing organic tomatoes which are rich in flavour and reminiscent of the fruit grown in Italy and surrounding areas.

“They are deliciously sweet and choc-a-block with nutrients – a combination which is unique, especially in this part of the Yorke Peninsula.” Neil says.

It is Neil’s true labour of love, with his 20-acre property in Boars Plains, where he grows his stunning organic tomatoes from his 10 greenhouses.

It is that reputation which sees Coastal Organics distribute tomatoes to the best hotels and restaurants in Adelaide, as well as servicing hospitals and government departments.  Neil’s tomatoes are certainly in demand!

To reach this level of supreme quality has taken a lot of trial and error.

And part of that soil health recipe involves PyroAg Wood Vinegar.

“We use PyroAg in heavy quantities one month before we plant and also use it weekly in lighter doses,” Neil said.

“PyroAg is excellent for good bacteria promotion as well as lifting the acidity in the soil.  And it has helped in developing a better ecology.

“Combining PyroAg with sulphur, I have found that white fly has drastically been reduced, which has been such a challenge for us in the past.  I have also found that because our plants are now filled with good sugars, white flies are nowhere to be seen.  And that is certainly a good thing!

“Ground preparation is the key to our success.  Using good natural fertilisers and PyroAg is the combination I need in order to take care of the soil health. It is that good soil health which translates to healthy tomato plants.  And my reputation demands that!

“For the last 15 years, I have tried a number of combinations for my soil, and with the assistance of John Norton, PyroAg’s local distributor, I have been able to find that equilibrium to ensure my crops have the best chance to thrive.

“As a grower, you need to have an intimate relationship with your crop, get to know every element of the plants and nurture them so they have the best opportunity to grow well.  And PyroAg is part of that important equation.”


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PyroAg Wood Vinegar

Neil Schiller, 69, founder of Coastal Organics Moonta, is on a mission  - a tomato mission! Neil prides himself in growing organic tomatoes which ...

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