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Advantages and Benefits of Solar Power Systems

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If you have been considering the option of installing a solar power system, you might be wondering about the advantages of such a system. There are so many great reasons why these systems are perfect for any number of applications. While there are some flaws or drawbacks, they are more benefits, and we discuss them below:

  • * Solar Power Systems are low emission. Solar panels do not produce pollution but there are some environmental costs for their construction and manufacturing process. These costs are not as high as the damage that conventional sources of energy including fossil fuels which can release tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere each year.

  • * Solar power systems are net metered which means that businesses and homeowners that have them get credit for power that is produced by their system and returned to the power grid. This allows those who choose to install solar power systems to obtain some funds for the power they produce and if the option of net metering does not exist, they could store that excess energy in batteries for when it is needed.

  • * The materials to create solar power systems are renewable and limitless. The solar energy that is available to be harnessed is much greater than what humans will ever hope to use, and it is renewable and constantly being replaced.

  • * Solar power is one of the best energy sources for any area that is remote and not able to be connected to an energy grid. Many homes in out of the way areas are off-grid and the number continues to increase. Solar energy improves the quality of life for many people to are in rural areas of the world and do not have access to traditional electricity. In some countries such as Africa in poorer areas where the rural population is not on the gird, these people rely on lighting that is fuel-based and can have some significant impacts on the quality of the indoor air that residents’ breath in.

  • * Solar power systems offer green jobs for people. The production of solar panels for use in residences is becoming an option for employment as the manufacture and installation of these systems becomes more mainstream and popular.

  • * Solar power systems are more economical in the end. While these systems are costly in the beginning, that cost is soon recovered through savings on the cost of energy bills. The system can also produce a profit when the system returns energy to the grid.

  • * The use of solar power reduces the need for spending on foreign energy. In a lot of different countries much is spent to import oil for the generation of power. Much of that oil is imported from countries in the Persian Gulf. As oil supplies become less available the prices are increasing and the problems of trying to obtain more oil from regions of the world that are politically unstable increases the need for renewable energy sources and alternative energy systems such as solar energy.

  • * Solar energy is reliable, and many businesses and homeowners prefer it because it does not rely on the grid. While other people and businesses are out of power during power outages, solar energy is still there. When there are any kinds of rolling blackouts or brownouts from overuse, solar energy is immune to this.

  • * There are no moving parts on solar panels, so they do not produce noise. Wind turbines are noisy with blades and gearboxes.

  • * Some countries offer tax credits when you install green energy such as solar panels. In countries where these is abundant sunshine, there are plenty of opportunities to maximize the access to this renewable energy source.

If you have been sitting on the fence, trying to decide whether you should install a solar power system, there is no time like the present. Solar energy has so many advantages over conventional fossil fuel systems and is gaining popularity and becoming a more affordable option than it used to be. At one time solar energy was just for those weird people who lived in the outer limits, but now it is becoming mainstream and is a very good option for homeowners and businesses alike. If you have ever considered the installation of a solar energy system, now is as good a time as any to get started. With all the advantages mentioned here, there are so many great reasons to install solar power systems for your business or home. The question is why would you wait for another several years before getting started?

For commercial solar street lighting, see Orca.

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Advantages and Benefits of Solar Power Systems

If you have been considering the option of installing a solar power system, you might be wondering about the advantages of such a system. There ar...

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