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The 2024 SDLG Global Mining Customer Festival Concluded Successfully

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At a coal mine site in Wuhai, nearly a thousand pieces of Lingong Group mining machinery, including over 760 wide-body mining dump trucks, 67 crawler excavators, 74 wheel loaders, and 3 motor graders, showcased an integrated demonstration of the latest generation of construction machinery combined with intelligent information technology and operational practices.

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New Engine: SDLG Focuses on Comprehensive Mining Solutions and Have Achieved Remarkable Results
SDLG has created a "Mining All-Star" product lineup, including a full range of excavators under 200 tons, wide-body mining dump trucks under 150 tons, wheel loaders under 15 tons, road rollers, drilling rigs, and high-horsepower graders, bringing full value to the entire mining industry chain for customers.

New Goals: Striving for Excellence to Establish a Premier Chinese Mining Brand in the Global Market
As the globalization strategy continues to achieve phased successes, SDLG President Yu Mengsheng has set a new goal: to become a premier Chinese mining brand in the global market. "The key to achieving this goal is enhancing our service system, product leadership, and comprehensive brand elevation. Globally, SDLG will fully promote the entire value chain—research, production, supply, sales, and service—expanding into international markets and enhancing the brand's global influence."

The next focus areas for SDLG's mining equipment include: concentrating on service processes and value-added services; focusing on product innovation and quality assurance; emphasizing localized overseas expansion to open new fronts in international operations; targeting niche markets to diligently identify and address user pain points.

New Heights: Widely Acclaimed, Global Customers Praise SDLG's Complete Set of Mining Equipment
At the Festival, after experiencing the grand display of thousands of machines gathered in Wuhai for a joint performance, overseas customers unanimously expressed their admiration.

Notably, on the event's second day, SDLG signed strategic cooperation agreements with overseas key accounts, resulting in hundreds of machine orders on-site.

Looking ahead, SDLG will comprehensively promote the global expansion of the entire value chain - from research, production, supply, sales, to service. SDLG will continue to expand its international market presence, elevating its brand's global influence.

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