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Aluminium sliding doors: why they are perfect for new homes

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Aluminium sliding doors are a Melbourne favourite for many reasons. Not only do they create an elegant indoor/outdoor atmosphere, but they also allow in all of that beautiful natural light experience throughout (most) of the year!


What’s more, they are an elegant feature that amplifies your home’s resale value whilst making it feel bigger - so what’s not to love? Here, we will be talking about this stunning style and why it is perfect for your new build:


  1. They are highly durable


Because who wants to build a new home only to find its fixtures deteriorate after a few years? The best aluminium doors Melbourne are the perfect choice for homes due to their durable properties. They are crack and warp-resistant, and they also withstand corrosion and rust. Melbourne is known for its wildly unpredictable weather, so you really want a material that’s going to stand up against those random storms - this is perfect for doing just that!


They are also incredibly easy to clean, only requiring the occasional wipe down with a damp cloth to ensure they are looking bright and ever so stylish. This is another one of their fabulous advantages over other materials, which can require a lot of work and particular cleaning materials just to get the job done.


  1. They are an elegant, versatile style


This awesome design comes in an elegant range of styles. Whether you want something contemporary or a little more classic, there is certainly a design to suit your needs, your budget and your overall design. What’s more, given that they are such a versatile style, they can also be used in commercial settings, adding a touch of luxury to hospitality and retail businesses.


  1. They are wonderful for compact spaces


Many new Melbourne builds are on the smaller side, as our city continues to grow but there is a need for convenient housing towards the centre. These doors are perfect for smaller spaces as they amplify the feeling of, well, space!


Think about it: if you were building on a small lot or apartments, would you want a tiny little entrance leading out to the garden or balcony? It would make the place feel tiny! This wonderful, larger option is perfect for amplifying the feeling of space as well as allowing in natural light to smaller areas.


  1. Insulates the home


Aluminium doors come with their own insulation advantages, as they help maintain the inside warmth in winter and the cool in summer. These designs are made with energy-efficient properties, which not only reduces your overall energy bill, but also ensures your home has a better environmental impact than if you were to have a less eco-friendly design installed.


  1. They just look fantastic!


And isn’t that what we’re really looking for? A smart, stylish design that allows our homes to amplify the gorgeous natural light and grab some fantastic views of our outdoor area and beyond is something Melbourne homeowners are really seeking these days, and there is no reason why yours should be any different!


As you can see, there are many reasons why you would want to install this style for your Melbourne home. Elegant and energy-efficient, they are a beautiful way to give your home a feeling of more space and optimal comfort. So, if you think this style is right for you, get in contact with the experts today!

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Aluminium sliding doors: why they are perfect for new homes

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