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Zero-emission Vehicle Innovator Wisdom Motor brings the Gulf nations’ first 12-meter Hydrogen City Bus in new cooperation to support the UAE’s green mobility agenda

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Under this significant cooperation, Wisdom Motor joins other international brands to support ITC's Green Bus Assessment Programme contributing towards the region's proactive efforts to embrace sustainability.


Mr. Cliff Zhang, Chairman of the board of directors of Wisdom Motor and Chairman of Templewater (the company's investor), commented: "We are proud to partner with the ITC to bring our cutting-edge technology and customised hydrogen-powered vehicles to Abu Dhabi. This cooperation not only reinforces the quality and competitiveness of Wisdom Motor, but it is also a significant milestone for our company in entering the GCC market by bringing in the first 12-Meter Hydrogen City Bus into the region, while reaffirming our commitment to promoting sustainable mobility solutions worldwide. As a relatively young company, we are excited to join other global providers in contributing to the UAE's ambitious sustainability vision, and we look forward to expanding our presence in this region.

Mr Zhang, added, "This landmark cooperation is an example of how young companies can drive positive change in the world. As governments and businesses join hands to champion sustainability initiatives, I believe Wisdom Motor's technology and innovative approach will play a critical role in reshaping our zero-emission future."

"The success of the UAE hydrogen-powered bus project perfectly demonstrates Hong Kong's capability to become a center for innovation and technology and reflects the boundless potential of the organic integration between the Mainland and Hong Kong. The Special Administrative Region government is planning to develop the Northern Metropolis into an innovative technology hub, and we believe that with its world-class public transportation system, Hong Kong is also well-positioned to become an international leader in zero-emission transportation technologies. We hope to continue collaborating with the government to build a new energy transportation industry chain in Hong Kong, ultimately creating hydrogen-powered vehicles and hydrogen refueling stations developed and manufactured in Hong Kong. We aim to export Hong Kong's top-tier new energy transportation products to countries along the Belt and Road and around the world, becoming a 'hydrogen' dynamo for Hong Kong's economy. Hydrogen energy technology is an important field in the global new energy sector, and we believe Hong Kong has the capacity to become a center for hydrogen energy technology in Asia, supporting the country's strategic goals in this domain."

Wisdom Motor – designing safe, innovative and sustainable mobility solutions

As an innovative zero-emission commercial vehicle solution provider headquartered in Hong Kong, Wisdom Motor has achieved numerous milestones and expanded globally by providing highly customizable and state-of-the-art commercial vehicles through a combination of technology, customization and precision manufacturing at its production hub of over 480,000 sq m located in Fujian, China. As a disruptor to the traditional commercial vehicle supply chain, Wisdom Motor's capabilities include a short turnaround delivery time, customized engineering capabilities, a state-of-the-art monocoque structure and in-house composite materials. In just five years, the company is supplying to a worldwide footprint, including the UK, Germany, France, the Nordics, Australia, Japan and Korea. In its home-base in Hong Kong, the company is the first provider of hydrogen-powered double-decker bus, also being the first tri-axle double-decker bus anywhere in the world.

Hydrogen vehicles – a viable and efficient energy source

Wisdom Motor's hydrogen-powered vehicle represents a cutting-edge solution that underscores the technology and sustainability advantages of hydrogen fuel. As a fuel source for long distance commercial transportation, hydrogen offers unparalleled advantages. It is lightweight and boasts nearly three times the energy density of diesel per unit of mass, all while producing zero-emissions. In each market, Wisdom Motor works with its partners to develop the infrastructure needed to make hydrogen fuel readily available and competitively priced.

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About Wisdom (Fujian) Motor Company Limited

Founded in China in 2019, Wisdom (Fujian) Motor Company Limited ("Wisdom") is a technology company that designs and manufactures zero-emission commercial vehicles. With a vision of becoming a global role model for zero-emission smart commercial vehicles, Wisdom focuses on exporting high-end products across the world, having sold and delivered eight types of products in more than 400 vehicles to 18 regions in the five years since inception.

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About Templewater Group

Templewater Group ("Templewater") is an alternative asset management firm headquartered in Hong Kong, founded by Mr. Cliff Zhang and the Investec Group in 2018 as a spin-off of Investec Group's Principal Investments Division in Asia, continuing the heritage and investment track record of the Investec Group.

Templewater is a solution-based and trusted partner to institutions, entrepreneurs, and family offices, investing in proprietary deals alongside them. Templewater invests across the alternative asset classes in private equity, impact investing and real estate.

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